Miniaturization through System in Package (SIP)

Development or implementation of trade-offs to assess the implications of miniaturization and determine the best integration strategy – Save power, weight and area by miniaturizing existing systems into a system-in-package (SiP).

SiP can contain many more components, including multiple analog, digital, and RF die, and also discrete components as required. We offer customers complete SiP capability including system design, software development, module testing and electrical heat transfer simulation technology to enable smaller, higher performance, lower power consumption and more cost effective end products.

System Co-Design

• Substrate Layout design
• RF Circuit design
• Shielding Solution


• Package selection & configuration
• Design rule guideline
• Process capability
• Reliability verification

System Test and Qualification

• Functional Testing
• Qualification per MIL-PRF-38534 or Per Customer Requirements

System-in-Package Applications

SiP solutions are highly adopted by end customers for applications including wireless communication, computer storage, power and sensor.